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Multnomah Falls

Unforgettable tours of the Multnomah Falls Waterfall Corridor


Multnomah Falls is the tallest of 90 waterfalls in the Gorge. Visit 6 of the most impressive waterfalls on our half day tours from Troutdale.


We have a blast showing off our backyard. Bring a swimsuit and belly flop into a waterfall. Take silly pictures and leave the world behind for a few hours.

For Everyone

We've designed this tour to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. Bring your wheelchair, your kids, your dogs, your friends and family on an epic adventure.


Starting in Troutdale, load up in our big window little bus and see the best without the rest. Crown Point Multnomah Falls , Bridal Veil and more.

Our Services


Take half a day and tour the highest concentration of waterfalls in North America from the Historic Columbia River Highway. If you just visit Multnomah you're missing out.


The Historic Columbia River Highway was inspired by Europe’s scenic roads. It elegantly captures the natural beauty along its route.


The tour stops at six waterfalls where guests can adventure on a short hike to get up close. Stand under, walk behind, jump in, take a selfie and have fun.


Flexible booking with a full refund. Give us a heads up at least 24 hours before your tour and get a 100% refund. We sell out often so reservations are encouraged.

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